The Boy with Special Needs 回归自然,与自闭症小双鱼的成长与探索

Son of the nature

Ask for help: A 13 y/o with perfect pitch, suddenly refused to touch the piano, and asked to turn off the music in the car. Why?



2010年,小双鱼出生在北京,18个月的时候在内蒙草原他追着羊群满山跑,什么语言都不愿意运用的他,边追边喊,sheep, shee, shee-eep!

2012年我决定让他在大自然中成长; 2013年我们搬到了云南大理。

海中倒立 Ocean Hand Stand


July 2017

The mysteries of CAPD  神奇的中枢听觉处理障碍

When we were taking a canoe down the stream, we saw crocodiles in the water, peacocks in the trees, I pointed to Sullivan, can you see the peacocks? His eyes were fixed in the air and said, deer. The guide smiled and said, there's no deer here. One minute down the stream, we suddenly saw a small group of deer in the bushes, a king with 4 female deer. Some time later we were looking at kingfishers, he said, orangutan. The one minute later, we saw a red monkey on the tree. When we were reaching the bank, he said, tiger!

尼泊尔南部,鳄鱼河。划船时看见鳄鱼,孔雀,向导给我们指孔雀的位置,说,看见了吗?我说,沙利文,你看见孔雀了吗?他说,deer. 我说,不是鹿,是孔雀,就在那。向导也笑笑,这边没有鹿。船往前划了一分钟左右,果真看见草丛里有几头鹿,其中一个是雄壮的公鹿,大大的角,他旁边还有几只小鹿。再往前划时看见翠鸟,沙利文说,orangutan红猩猩. 尼泊尔当然没有猩猩喇!一分钟后我们看见了树上几只猴子,红毛的;快上岸时,他说,tiger... 




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we moved to Dali, along the Tea and Horse Caravans, in 2013, when he was three. 



Hello goat, hello boy - he spotted them from far away

穿轮滑鞋的牧羊童 -滑着滑着突然不走了,奔向草地说羊,树后果真藏了两只羊



June, 2015


一边吃鸡蛋他一边说 “egg,W,eggs (鸡蛋,W,鸡蛋)”,可是鸡蛋第一个字母不是W呀,后来意识到,他在说 “鸡蛋,W,X (X/eggs 跟鸡蛋复数同音)”!

  He was saying 'egg, W, eggs'. I was wondering where he got the idea that egg starts with W, then I realized, he was saying 'egg, W, X (and eggs)!


沙利文学会了逻辑反驳法,每天泡澡前我的诱惑语是,洗白白,然后movie。睡觉前,他说movie,我说明天,然后他说,bajibaji xibaibai, movie 意译为你说过的,洗白白然后movie 



Dec., 2015

bedtime story, after three stories, he still said, read; tonight we learn words "hat, mat, cat; ham, jam..." after 8 words, he went to turn off the light and said goodnight.

昨晚讲故事,讲了三篇,他还说read;今晚认押韵系列单词, 认了两页(8个),他下床去关灯,说goodnight :D 


Jan. 2016

I showed him jackfruit and told him that's called Jackfruit, he's very excited to discover "Jack's fruit" (from Halloweenland), and kept naming it all the way in the jackfruit field.



March 15, 2016

age 6, this may be the first successful/full back-forth conversation we had:

while getting Sullivan up for school, I said to him: time to get up, school bus;

he was sitting up, and said, train, airplane.

where do you want to go in the airplane?


(auntie) Lizzy 


June 25, 2016

有些知识我不知道是不是与生俱来的,这是他的第一次生离死别,我把沙利文带到房间,说五哥走了(此时五平躺在毯子上,身旁是一些小物品,鱼干,猫,狗模型),沙利文什么都没说,蹲下就开始小心翼翼地用告别丝巾裹起它的身子。 This is yet the first death Sullivan saw, I brought him to the room, he didn't say anything and started wrapping him; after putting Wu in the hole gently, he picked up the shovel and started burying. I wonder if some memories were born with us.




July, 2016

one of the games he likes to play these days is "cheek to forehead", "mouth to ear", "nose to chin"... body parts practice. Today he was getting upset and wanted to bite my chin, I said no, then he said, teeth to chin



April, 2017

His first creative poem:

When the cat is a good boy, 

he shall have fish and chips;

but when he does nothing but cry,

he shall have nothing but tomatoes;

when he does nothing but (be) happy,

he shall have nothing but brownies;

but when he does nothing but (be) angry,

he shall have nothing but onions.


my scooter ran out of battery going uphill, so I told Sullivan, you get off and walk up the hill, I don't have enough battery to ride both of us. He got off without saying a word (as usual), then the next second, he's pushing my bike from behind and all the way till the top. #暖男子的成长里程碑


June 2017

第一次自己穿越温泉男浴室。刚开始进去时我在门口看着他,他走进去几秒钟后出来瞄瞄,看见我在那想出来找我,我指着里面说,进去,I will meet you by the pool. 他进进出出几次,带着不确定。后来他进去,我直接跑到浴室后门,等了一分钟没见人,我又跑回入口,还是没有,我又跑到浴室出口,在那喊sullivan!看见一名年轻男子准备进浴室,我说,里面有个穿蓝色泳衣的小男孩,混血儿,你能把他带出来吗?男子指着池边隐蔽处,说,在那呢。



He's very excited that we will stop at Koala Lumpur, and asked when we can go to Kangaroo Lumpur.




Me: Same, Zhuhai


S: Pig sea.



kangaroo is (from) Australia, tiger is (from) Africa, elephant is (from) Asia…

将所有的洲和洋都准确说出来了,问了老师学校最近有没有上生物,地理或是动物历史课,都说没有,后来我问他,where do you learn that kangaroo is from Australia. 以前对于这类问题,都要给他选择性的答案,我还未想好可以供选择的答案,几秒钟后他说,big ipad. 



我用螺旋藻粉洗脸,抹了一脸绿走出来后,沙利文说,Mama David Bowie.






当他发现 sunburnt 结尾有个t,崩溃了



 Sullivan's trip to Nepal 沙利文的尼泊尔路上



Cambodia 2019


2019. 10

9 years old. 

3 a.m., as quiet as the mountain side gets.

Mama! Mama! (from his room)

Yes? (eyes half open)


What did you hear?

What does Noisy say?

What do you want?

Chants for Peace.


It’s been like this the past year.





陪上了几周网课,发现句子都讲不完整的娃居然可以写作,还有他笔下的色彩世界: 他的学校是一座海洋馆,喂海洋动物的是现实中的体育老师;不开花的树除了无花果树还有曲奇树;他当厨子的话汤里要放沙丁鱼鸡鸭鹅火鸡鹌鹑野鸡辣椒和爆米花。#9岁的最后一天



He's never interested in the bike with training wheels, all he wanted was to be pushed and peddle backwards. Due to the corona virus period, schools are postponed, I put him on my 26-inch bike, that's how he learned to ride within 5 days, by day 5 he's going on a slow scooter speed, 17km/h. 昨天开着电动车追他。一个月前翻出尘封的带辅助轮儿童车时,他只想被推着,脚踏一直朝后踏。忽然发现他的高度可以试骑我的车子了,大概感受到了骑上车子的解放感,五日内从零基础到了时速17公里。



K: Make some sentences with color words in it.

S: Pingu ate a red cherry pie.

S: I want a rainbow color cake.

S: I think you are nuts.

K: Where's the color word here?

S: I think you are brown chestnuts.



What’s in your head? - Cotton candy for brain.

What’s between your eyes? - Nose.

What’s under your nose? - Snot.



The mystery of swearing words

When Sullivan was 5, he used long sentences with no meaning to us. One time walking in the airport, someone bumped into Sullivan without saying sorry. He kept walking, and in a swearing tone he said "Ikaochi, backin". He kept using the same term when he was rejected, frustrated, for a few years.

For a long long time I thought that's from an ancient language, from some sort of deep memories, and was hoping that there would be a software which we could use to define and translate a foreign language.

This night, at the dinner table, relaxed, he asked to watch TV, I said, later. He said, Ikaoch, backin. I realized that he hadn't used this term in a couple of years. Since he could explain himself better now, I asked, "what does Ikaochi, backin mean?"

"Coach, Cinderella," he said.


"It's a carriage, back into pumpkin," he said.




Learn to read with speech delay 语迟牧和诗歌

洱海上的星星 - 《妈妈100育儿杂志》采访篇 

骑行环海 Cycling around Erhai Lake

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