Blend with me, this is a term that my dance teacher would use.


Blend with me, how beautiful. I guess the only city I’ve blended with is Beijing, therefore, wherever I go now, in a new place, I love to watch how their people blend with it.


To be continued


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Celle & Lüneburg, Northern Germany 德国北部小镇 - 策勒 & 吕内堡


德国北部小镇吕内堡 古镇城堡街道 old town in northern germany Lüneburg德国北部小镇吕内堡 古镇城堡街道 old town in northern germany Lüneburg

Celle, northern Germany, castles bell light tower, local neighborhood of old town 德国北部小镇策勒钟楼灯塔 - 生命非幻觉摄影Celle, northern Germany, castles bell light tower, local neighborhood of old town 德国北部小镇策勒钟楼灯塔 - 生命非幻觉摄影



Spring blues - Hamburg in early spring 汉堡初春


德国东北部汉堡初春之蓝天火车人工湖 hanburg early spring with blue sky lake and trainsymbol image of Hamburg, Germany in early spring, by Keiko Wong Not An Illusion Photography 德国标志图汉堡初春之蓝生命-非幻觉摄影






visiting Padova 帕多瓦欧洲旅行图片










images of Slovenia countryside 斯洛文尼亚意大利交界庄园图片





Statues of Italy 雕像


I guess it's the details that touched me, the way his toes bent, the line of muscles. life in eternal. 感触我的大概是这些雕像的细节,脚趾的弯度,肌肉线条,塑像者的投入。自由,和平,解放,向往,永恒,关爱。


statue of Italy, liberty, freedom 意大利雕像

statue of Italy, Christian church 意大利雕像 not an illusion photography productionsstatue of Italy, Christian church 意大利雕像 not an illusion photography productionsstatue of Padova Italy, 亚理斯多德雕像意大利帕多瓦

statue of liberty Italy 意大利自由雕像freedom is coming -  statue of Italy 自由解放向往意大利战士骑马雕像freedom is coming - angel statue of Italy 自由和平向往意大利天使雕像



Venice on foot



boats, books and balconies 造船场,焚书,阳台


boat making place, burned books and balcony of Venice 威尼斯造船场,焚书,阳台



windows of Venice, chocolate camera, chocolate wrench, chocolate lock and door handle 橱窗,巧克力造型,面具,糕点


windows of Venice, masks; chocolate camera, locks, wrenches, door handles 巧克力造型,各种旧工具,门锁,相机,威尼斯橱窗,糕点,面具


man and lions 威尼斯建筑雕刻艺术


art of sculpting of Venice, building with man and lions 威尼斯雕刻艺术,男人与狮子







the many faces of Rome - arriving with no expectation or excitement, now it's melted my heart. Every corner is full of surprises, yet it seems so familiar.


local neighborhoods of Rome/Roma 罗马旅游图片 local neighborhoods of Rome/Roma 罗马旅游图片 Graffiti in local neighborhoods of Rome/Roma 罗马涂鸦艺术 important Christian churches of Rome/Roma - historical sites 罗马基督教堂 

beautiful sites of Rome/Roma 罗马旅游图片 street art, graffiti in local neighborhoods of Rome/Roma, Piazza Venezia 罗马街头艺术 historical sites of Rome / Roma 徒步罗马,自助游旅游 



window obsessions 总是迷恋窗户,透视的洞口


local neighborhoods of Roma - not an illusion photography 步行罗马 - 生命非幻觉摄影

local neighborhoods of Italy, Rome - window obsessions series 窗户 - 罗马系列




streets & signs 街头


sisters, streets of Rome 罗马街道,修女street sign of Padova Italy, rudena 意大利帕多瓦街道牌子streets of rome 罗马街头

Via messina street sign, Rome Italy 意大利罗马街头牌子via accademia  street sign, Padova Italy 意大利帕多瓦街头牌子street sign by statues, Rome Italy 意大利罗马街头牌子

photographer getting ready from red car on bridge 红色跑车里的摄影师-汉堡街头guardians of hamburg harbor - dogs in front of bar 酒吧外的狗雕像-汉堡仓库街windows of underware display 内衣橱窗

bubble performer on street of Rome 罗马街头泡泡表演 child with huge bubbles 孩子与泡泡 - not an illusion photographycrossing streets of Rome 罗马过街

streets of Rome near colosseum 罗马街头 - not an illusion productionssunset in colosseum Rome 罗马竞技场日落 - Keiko Wong



 March, 2015



 Keiko Wong, photographer, europe tripKeiko Wong, Chinese photographer, portraits, Not An Illusion Productions






Life of Myanmar 缅甸


Images of Nepal 尼泊尔


living in Dali 茶马古道上的生活碎片