Chinese version seen on the blog of Ce, posted on 2014-11-20, on his 45th birthday, who passed away 2014-12-30.

Re-translated, first draft





I’ve been wandering in the ocean, since I was an egg, seeking for my rock.

I have no eyes, no memory, therefore, I built up my layers of unbreakable hard shells.


I see you

your eyes, bright

your hands, warm and gentle 

clumsily, tempting to open my shell, 


I will cut your little hands


someone gives you a knife

I am afraid

that you would hurt yourself

but your are bright, soon you learn to stab straight into my heart

i stay still, my heart for you to take


joyfully I am dancing on your taste buds

telling you my world

sharing you my story

whispering to you my longing for you

very soon, you pick up another oyster, more skillfully

oh, my girl,

every oyster tastes the same

please take your time with me